Tech Transformation

      Over the past decade, Third Institute of Oceanography (TIO), Ministry of Natural Resources has organized more than 200 industrial R&D projects, carried out innovative research and development in fields of biomedicine, biological products, green agriculture and fishery, ecological environmental protection, new materials, small equipment, etc., and obtained more than 30 technologies and achievements with industrialization prospects. A number of technical achievements and products have been successfully transformed, a technical support platform for the development and utilization of marine biological resources has been built to carry out shared services, and certain social, economic, resource and environmental benefits have been achieved.

      At present, the high-purity glucosamine sulfate osteoarthritis health products, preparation technology of microbial agents for improving the internal and external environment of aquaculture animals and other technologies have been transferred to enterprises for application; the use of microbiotechnology in healthy mariculture, the preparation technology of Asparagus agar-oligosaccharide and other patents have been licensed to enterprises; a new marine anti-tumor lead compound has been transformed to enterprises; a number of products developed relying on technologies of TIO, such as national standard samples, healthy aquaculture microecological preparations, biological degreasing agents, bacteriostatic deodorant, marine astaxanthin products, seaweed oligosaccharide series products, etc., have been launched for sales.

I. Promoting the development of marine biomedicine and health industry

   TIO has unique advantages in the research and development of marine microorganisms and the high-value utilization of marine biological resources, and owns the largest and most diverse marine microbial resources collection in the world, the Marine Culture Collection of China (MCCC), enjoying a good foundation in the research and development of marine biomedicine.

   "The production technology of high-purity glucosamine sulfate osteoarthritis treatment APIs" has been transferred to enterprises for application, with a cumulative output value of more than 200 million yuan. Nearly 20 patents have been obtained in using marine microbial resources, screening active compounds, promoting deep-sea drug research and development, applying for anti-tumor and anti-allergic active compounds, one of which has been transformed into enterprises, which is expected to be developed as a candidate drug.

   Also, we have developed national standard samples, marine source antihypertensive peptide, liver protection soft capsules, nano-selenium/marine sugar compound selenium supplement, oyster powder, anti-fatigue, and anti-aging food and other technologies and achievements.

II. Promoting the green transformation of agriculture and fishery production

   In order to promote the green transformation of agriculture and fishery production, we have vigorously developed new technologies and products for the disease prevention and control of animals and plants such as fish, shrimp, crab, tea, etc., and took the lead in completing the sequencing of the whole genome of Penaeid shrimp white spot syndrome virus in the world. We have created the technical system of rapid disease detection kit based on Penaeid shrimp virus genome information, and achieved mass production and application of a batch of new microecological preparations for healthy mariculture.

   Two patents of “preparation and application of microbial agents for improving the internal and external environment of aquaculture animals” have been transferred to enterprises for application, which can meet the demand for non-residue aquatic products and enhance the comprehensive benefits of aquaculture. The “use of microbiotechnology in healthy mariculture” has been licensed to enterprises to develop new microecologics products through industry-university-research cooperation, so as to reduce the abuse of antibiotics and promote the healthy development of aquaculture.

   Also, we have a bacterium biocontrol agent for anti-oolong tea fungal diseases, bactericide for disinfection of agricultural products and other technologies and achievements.

III. Promoting the development and innovation of marine environmental-friendly green products

   TIO has developed a series of green, safe and efficient new marine biological functional products through a deep exploration of marine biological resources.

   In the Guanyin Mountain Beach Oil Pollution Bioremediation Project in Xiamen carried out in cooperation with enterprises, the oil degradation rate of the related polluted beach reached 99.7%. The series of ecological restoration products developed have been applied in waste transfer stations, landfills and sewage treatment plants in many provinces, and achieved good results. The seaweed oligosaccharide production patent technology has been licensed to enterprises, to form a series of products launched for the market. The seaweed oligosaccharide bio-fertilizer has been applied in poverty alleviation application demonstrations in Youyang of Chongqing, Lianshan of Guangzhou and other places, to fulfill social responsibility. In order to solve the difficult problems in the industry, the nautical vegetable logistical scheme developed with seaweed residue has been applied in container module operation on the voyage of vessel "Xiang Yang Hong 03".

   Also, we have chitosan-based functional medical products development, resource utilization of shells, coral conservation, seawater navigation observation system and other technologies and achievements.