Applied Oceanography

Focusing on major applied oceanographic issues in the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, we carry out multidisciplinary investigations and research to form distinguished features in areas such as tropical ocean dynamics, coastal and seabed geology, satellite remote sensing, and ocean acoustics, so as to provide technical support for China’s national needs in aspects including marine environment safety, marine disaster prevention and mitigation, and global ocean governance.

Area 11 Tropical Ocean Dynamics

We carry out research on coastal, estuary, and bay area dynamics, as well as applied research on marine environment protection at different time and spatial scales. We also study the formation and variation of typical ocean dynamic phenomena in tropical marginal seas, the influences of ocean dynamics on biogeochemical processes, and the interaction between marginal seas and adjacent oceans. In addition, we explore the environmental evolution of tropical ocean waters, as well as multi-scale sea-air interactions and their climatic effects.

Area 12 Coastal and Seabed Geological Environments

We study the dynamic geomorphic processes and geological disasters in coastal areas and develop technologies to protect and manage coastal areas such as beaches, aiming to improve survey and assessment abilities for coastal engineering projects. We also carry out research on the source-sink processes during the transportation of materials among estuaries, continental shelves, ocean basins, and typical marine zones, exploring the features of sediments in coastal-continental zones and their critical sedimentary processes, as well as the paleoclimatic evolution and biogeochemical processes in ancient seas. In addition, we investigate marine geophysical fields as well as the topographic and tectonic features of the seabed to identify the geosphere effects of the seabed and the evolution rules in marine geology.

Area 13 Ocean Acoustics and Remote Sensing

We study the acquisition and processing of acoustic information in China’s interested sea areas, aiming to reveal the temporal, spatial and frequency variations of ocean sound fields and the acoustic environmental effects of waters, seabed, and vocal organisms. We also develop new integrated ocean remote sensing technologies and apply them to marine sound field protection. In addition, we carry out research on acoustic oceanography and marine bio-acoustics, as well as new theories and technologies for marine sound fields.