Enzymatic Production and Application of Algae Oligosaccharides

In this project, deep-sea microbial enzymes were firstly utilized to degrade seaweed to produce algae oligosaccharides, which had advantages of high catalysis-efficiency, environment-friendly and simple-process. Then the large-scale production and purification of algae oligosaccharides were achieved by overcoming the difficulties in the industrial application of algae oligosaccharides enzymatic preparation technology. Finally, the technology for enzymatic preparation of algae oligosaccharides with a specific polymerization degree was established. The intellectual properties of this project have been transformed into 4 series of 12 products, including raw materials, nursing products, bio-fertilizers and preservatives.

The application of algae oligosaccharide derived preservatives has increased the enterprise's total output value by 172.2 million yuan, and has saved expenses by about 17 million yuan. Algae oligosaccharide derived bio-fertilizers have been widely used in farmlands in Chongzhou city of Sichuan Province, Youyang County of Chongqing City, Zhenghe County and Anxi County of Fujian Province, and other places, which increase rice production by more than 8% on average, and have been included as one of the important projects of the China Zhigong Party Central Committee to support Youyang County's fight against poverty. In addition, algae oligosaccharide-derived cultivation substrate has been successfully applied in the "Xiangyang Hong 03" scientific research vessel, providing low-cost vegetables to solve the shortage of fresh vegetables on the scientific research vessel.
(by Zeng Runying)