Sino-French Cooperation Undertaken by TIO: MICROBSEA LIA

The overall goal of the MICROBSEA LIA, inaugurated in 2018, is to gain insights into the diversity and biology of microorganisms at deep-sea hydrothermal vents -with a special effort on the cultivation of yet-uncultured microorganisms- and to better understand the functioning of this singular remote ecosystem, from the microbial community to the molecule scale.

LIA addresses the specific following issues: (i) Assessment of the metabolic potential of uncultured Archaea and Bacteria using (meta)-omics; (ii) Cultivation, isolation and characterization of yet uncultured microorganisms; (iii) Viral ecology and characterization of genetic mobile elements; (iv) Functioning, interactions and biogeography; (v) Characterization of cellular processes involved in adaptation to extreme conditions. To date, our work has led (i) to the discovery and physiological/genomic characterization of a dozen of new microbial taxa, (ii) to the understanding of the functioning of symbiotic associations, and (iii) to the study of pressure adaptation mechanisms.

Since 2007,14 co-publications, 2 co-supervised Ph.D students (2 ongoing),beyond 50 exchanges between two sides have been achieved.

MICROBSEA LIA was founded from Nov,2018.