Blue Citizen Workshop: Approaching the ocean and Growing talents

On November 1st, APEC Marine Sustainable Development Center (AMSDC) held the Blue Citizen Workshop marking the 9th anniversary of its establishment. At the workshop, AMSDC/TIO(Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources) firstly launched the "Blue Citizen Development Plan" to further implement the APEC Blue Citizen Initiative. More than 50 teenagers, adult citizens and enterprise representatives attended the workshopand visited the Cetation Exhibition Hall of TIO. 

Group Photo

At the beginning of the workshop, AMSDC briefed the participants on the work of the center and on the framework and direction of the "Blue Citizen" program. "Blue citizens" are defined as the citizens who have learned about blue services from the oceans and are willing to explore the oceans, and take actions to protect oceans. "Blue Citizen" is a growth plan. People need to know the ocean through series of and continuous study of "Blue Services", be willing to actively explore the ocean, and choose to protect and love the ocean. Be a Blue Citizen on the Blue Planet. Cherish the beautiful ocean and make life better.

Prof. Liu Zhenghua made the brief introduction of AMSDC

Zhou Qiulin, veteran researcher from the Third Institute of Oceanography, gave an interesting and profound explanation with the theme of "Get close to the ocean and cultivate your intelligence", through clear model display, detailed data and wonderful pictures. Zhou brought everyone into a new perspective of human-ocean relationship from four aspects: "the status and problems of the ocean, the history of marine literacy, the seven aspects of ocean literacy, and the future of ocean literacy", and introducedthe contents of the seven aspects of ocean literacy in detail. 

Researcher Zhou Qiulin made the presentation

Afterwards, participants visited the Cetation Exhibition Hall of TIO. AMSDC also disseminated  participants with "Blue Citizen Development Diary" to start the journey of blue citizen growth. 

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