Marine Chemistry of China's Offshore Waters

Authors:Ji Weidong

Publication date:November 2016

Publishing house:China Ocean Press






      Marine Chemistry of China's Offshore Waters: Integrated Monitoring and Assessment, includes seasonal information of marine hydrology, marine chemistry, marine sediment, and oceanic atmosphere based upon seasonal monitoring from June 14, 2006 to December 29, 2007. This paper evaluates the spatio-temporal variations, and assesses the current quality of seawater, atmosphere, sediment and biology.

      Meanwhile,the main problems of offshore marine environment caused by the interaction of sea and land and some hot issues such as low oxygen area in the Yangtze River Estuary, the coastal current in China, the cold water mass in the Yellow Sea and the upwelling along the South Fujian coast are discussed. In addition, this paper reveals the atmospheric emission including greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane in offshore China for the first time and also characteristics of eutrophication, organic pollution and heavy metal pollution in China's coastal waters, providing a scientific basis for the coordinated development of China's land and sea, marine economy and environmental protection, and disaster prevention and mitigation.