Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Assessment and Demonstration in China

Authors: Cai Feng, Cao Chao, Lei Gang, Liu Jianhui, Qi Hongshuai

Publication date: August 2019

Publication house: China Ocean Press

ISBN: 987-7-5210-0425-0





This book is written in the context 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, through the guidance of the report regarding the adherence to the coordination of land - sea and accelerating the maritime construction. Aims to strengthen coastal erosion risk assessment research, enhance the comprehensive capacity of coastal hazards reduction, and improve ecosystem goods and services, and increase the level of coastal resources exploitation. The book follows the principles of "influence, vulnerability and adaptability" in the face of natural disasters, focuses on the coastal erosion impacts and the increasing vulnerability along mainland coasts, and proposes a more effective, innovative and comprehensive evaluation model of erosion vulnerability, which is expected to achieve the goals of objective evaluation and professional paradigm. At the same time, a response strategy of "mitigation and adaptation" is proposed for the possible trend of coastal erosion hazards in our country.

This book is a relatively systematic work on China's coastal erosion. In addition to absorbing a large amount of foreign and domestic advances and innovations, the authors pay vast attention to the application and refinement of the team’s investigation and monitoring results under years’ datasets. The research achievements upon coastal erosion vulnerability classifications along China mainland coasts in this book have break through the limitations of the traditional understanding of coastal erosion, and provide paradigm applications for the deeper development of future coastal erosion assessment in our country, as well as for coastal zone development planning. Thus this publication can provide scientific basis for the ongoing project of "Implementation of Coastal Ecological Protection and Restoration".