Brief Introduction of Chinese Beach Resources

Authors: Cai Feng, Qi Hongshuai, Liu Jianhui, Cao Chao, Lei Gang

Publication date: August 2019

Publication house: China Ocean Press

ISBN: 987-7-5210-0424-3





This book is based on the achievements of marine public welfare industry scientific projects "Sandy Coastal Habitat Conservation and Restoration Technology and Application" and "Island Tourism Beach Management Technology and Application", collects results of the country's offshore marine comprehensive survey and evaluation special projects (908 Special Project), and compiles the coastal survey of beach resources. Based on a large number of materials and measured datasets, it expounds the general situations of our country's coasts, the characteristics of beach development, the evolving processes of 60 representative beaches and their sediments change. Guided by the basic theory of beaches, this book summarizes a holistic recognition of current beach resources in China. Based on a plenty of investigations and practices, this publication has certain pragmatical value and guiding significance for beach resources management.

Meanwhile, in the context of the new challenge of beach resource management, in view of the current issues of unclear beach resources in our country and unclear resource dynamics, we can fully grasp the current situation and development trend, figure out the status of beach resources, and promote the science of beach management. Initiating from the original intention of scientific management, this book is specially written for the scientific, sustainable and balanced exploitation of precious beach resources of China.