The assessment of environmental quanlity status and pollution risk concerning heavy metals in offshore China

Authors: Ji Weidong; Chen Hongzhe

Publication date: December 2019

Publishing house: China Ocean Press

ISBN: 978-7-5210-0462-5





Heavy metal pollution is undoubtedly one of the most serious and urgent problems in China's environmental pollution since the 21st century. Meanwhile, China’s offshore heavy metal pollution has also received attention. In this book, we introduce the definition, potential sources and environmental hazards of heavy metals, and their physicochemical/marine-chemical properties (e.g. migration, transformation, fate, and chemical species), which are recorded in Chapter 1. In this chapter, we have also excerpted public reports on heavy metal pollution along China's coastal areas, and relevant regulations and administrative documents nationwide. In Chapter 2, we introduce various frameworks, statistical methods and models related to heavy metal pollution assessment. The criteria or standard values of heavy metals in water, sediments, and organisms applied in the EU, US, Australia-New Zealand, Canada, and China currently are also provided. 

In addition, in the following chapters, based on the national survey data collected during 2006~2007 and the monitoring data reported by local governments during 2011~2012, we evaluate the heavy metal pollution status in China's offshore areas (overall), and some hot spots (estuaries, sewage outlets and key breeding areas). The environmental behavior of heavy metals in three main estuaries is studied. In some pilot sea areas, we also tried to estimate the input of atmospheric heavy metals. In summary, this book could be a somewhat useful reference book for Chinese environmental workers.