Ocean Physics Laboratory


The Ocean Physics Laboratory (OPL) was founded in 1985. The lab conducts research on underwater and polar acoustics, marine biological acoustics, satellite ocean acoustics, and marine remote sensing. Focusing on the supporting technologies of satellite ocean sound fields, it provides sound, light, electromagnetic waves and other high-tech supports ecological restoration, and space development, and utilization of islands and coastal zones. Currently, there are 22 researchers in the lab, including eight senior researchers, nine intermediate researchers, five scientific research assistants and one guest academician. Most of them have postgraduate degrees.

For the purpose of discipline development, a complete set of acoustic investigation and research devices have been equipped during the implementation of various projects. The laboratory boasts various types of underwater sound recorders, noise underwater gliders, multiple hydrophone arrays, underwater acoustic data acquisition and storage equipment and underwater acoustic signal analyzers that constitute the underwater sound passive receiving system. It also has subsurface beacon emission sound sources, towed sound sources, low-, medium- and high-frequency underwater acoustic emission transducers, and power amplifiers of different output power, which constitute the underwater sound emission system. As the first in China to realize the operational application of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing technology, the lab has set up a line of platforms for the remote sensing and observation of ocean and coastal zones, and is equipped with multiple sets of UAV remote sensing systems with diversified observation loads, as well as high-resolution satellite optics and microwave remote sensing technology.

Since 2005, the lab has undertaken more than 100 national key projects, nonprofit marine research projects, key national R&D programs, and many tasks issued by the NSFC, the State Oceanic Administration, and provincial and municipal departments. Related research achievements have been recognized by honors including the first prize of Marine Science and Technology Award (independent application), the special and first prizes of the Innovation Achievement Award of the State Oceanic Administration. It has obtained five national patents of invention, three utility model patents and eight software copyrights. Another six patents of invention are under public or substantive review. In addition, the laboratory has many “firsts” in publications, including the Acoustical and Optical Parameters of the Sea (GB12763.5-91), the first national regulations for oceanographic survey, the Atlas of Underwater Acoustic Investigation, the first book on the acoustic investigation, the Ocean Noise and Marine Mammals, the first translation work on marine mammal acoustics, and the Application of Remote Sensing in Ocean and the Coastal Zone and High-Resolution Remote Sensing Investigation of Fujian Islands, the first monographs on marine remote sensing. It has also published about 100 academic papers on major international journals such as JASA, Journal of Oceanic Engineering, and ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.