Research Center for Marine Resources, Environmental Management, and Sustainable Development


The Research Center for Marine Resources, Environment Management, and Sustainable Development, formerly known as the Evaluation Center of Marine Environment and Resources, was founded in 1991. In 2012, it was renamed the Research Center for Marine Environmental Management and Development Strategy. In 2018, it was reconstructed by integrating several research teams based on the original center. At present, there are 51 scientific researchers in the center, including 9 senior professional technicians, 12 deputy senior professional technicians, and 18 doctoral degree holders.

In recent years, the center has conducted extensive research on the response and countermeasures in areas of global changes, marine ecological compensation, total marine pollution control, marine environmental risk, and environmental impact assessment. It has led the National Key Research and Development Program of China such as “Global Change and Response”, special project “Study on Comprehensive Risks of Global Change in Coastal Zones and Coastal Areas”, the China Clean Development Mechanism Fund, the special research project of national marine public service industry, the monitoring business project of China’s offshore marine ecological environment monitoring areas, and the consulting project of the Asian Development Bank. Cooperative research on China-Vietnam Beibu Gulf marine and islands environmental management has been conducted. Meanwhile, it has carried out China-Bangladesh cooperation and exchanges in the marine field. In an effort to serve the local social and economic development, it has compiled Fujian Marine Environmental Protection Planning, Fujian Offshore Areas Environmental Function Regionalization, and Environmental Impact Assessment of Key Industrial Development Plan in the Western Taiwan Strait Economic Zone

The center is the chief editor of a wide array of publications, including: the Fourth National Assessment Report on Climate Change (Volume I:Chapter 7 Ocean and Climate Change in China,and Volume II:Chapter 4 Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in Oceans and Coastal Zones) ; the second part of Impacts of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystems and Biodiversity in the First National Assessment Report on Ocean and Climate Change; the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate under the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); the Technical Guides for Marine Ecological Damage Assessment national standards and Technical Guides for Eco-compensation Assessment in Marine Protected Area; Eco-Compensation Mechanism for Marine Environmental Risks, Control Technology for the Total Amount of Pollutants Discharged into the Sea, Practical Technology for Coastal Zone Environmental Pollution Control, Basic Conditions of Marine Resources and Environment in Fujian Province, Assessment Report on Basic Situation of China’s Offshore Marine Ecological Function Areas, and Developing Eco-Compensation Regulations in China: The Way Forward. Many important academic papers have been published in journals inside and outside China, such as the Journal of Climate and International Journal of Climatology.

The center will conduct research on the theoretical methods of Integrated Coastal management, global ocean governance and blue economy, and research on the laws, regulations, policies, and standards of “ecosystem-based” marine resources development and utilization and ecological protection. It will develop technologies for assessing the impacts of human development activities on the marine ecological environment and technologies for the spatial-planning of sea areas, islands and coastal zones