Laboratory of Coastal and Marine Geology


The Laboratory of Coastal and Marine Geology was established in 1979. The major research areas include coastal and seabed landform, modern marine sedimentary process, biostratigraphy and environmental evolution, marine geophysics, marine ecological restoration and sea area utilization and management technologies. The lab has 63 researchers. Of those, 14 are senior research fellows (2 doctoral advisors), 23 are associate research fellows, with 1 guest academician. It owns master degree programs in the discipline of marine geology independently and launches with Ocean University of China, China University of Geosciences,Xiamen University and Fuzhou University Ph.D. programs that provide job opportunities in postdoctoral research centers.

Since 2000, the lab has undertaken comprehensive surveys of the marine environment in the northeast Pacific Ocean, Project 908, the Special Project of Global Change and Sea-Air Interactions, the Scientific Expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic, the National Outer Continental Shelf Special Project, the National Hydrate Special Project, the Ocean Special Project, and sea boundary survey, and other marine surveys and research. Scientists of the lab conducted research on Program 973, NSFC, the marine public welfare project, the Fujian provincial key project. In terms of international cooperation, the lab has carried out a number of bilateral projects between China and Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Greece. It has strong advantages in beach dynamic geomorphology, estuarine sedimentary dynamic process, marine geophysical detection technology, and seabed topography and geomorphology. Most recent achievements of the Laboratory of Coastal and Marine Geology includes a series of breakthroughs in development and application of beach maintenance technology, while it has established a technical system of beach maintenance in China and completed more than 40 beach maintenance projects nationwide. The lab kept pledge to provide its technical support for society. So far, more than 80 major projects have been completed, including the site investigation and demonstration of nuclear power plants, the construction project of comprehensive improvement of sea areas, the impact of coastal nuclear power site selection on the marine environment, the assessment of typical gulf improvement and restoration effects, and hazardous chemical development.


Over the past five years, the Laboratory of Coastal and Marine Geology has published 123 papers (65 SCI papers). Our monographs include "Chinese Beach Nourishment Manual", “Brief Introduction of Chinese Beach Resources" “South China Beach Geomorphology Process", "Island Journals-Islands in Southern Fujian”, and “Chinese Island (Reef) List (Volume I & II)”. The lab has compiled 5 industry standards (two have been published) , with its scientists won the first prize of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the Special Prize of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology Award, Marine Innovation Achievement Award of the State Oceanic Administration, Excellent Survey Project Gold Medal, Excellent Surveying and Mapping Engineering Award, etc. The lab has provided accurate and reliable scientific data and technical support for the development of national marine resources, disaster prevention and mitigation, national rights and interests protection, comprehensive regulation of marine areas, marine environmental protection, marine engineering, etc., and has achieved good economic and social benefits.