Engineering Innovation Center for the Development and Utilization of Marine Bioresources


Established in November 2010, the Engineering Innovation Center for the Development and Utilization of Marine Bioresources under the Ministry of Natural Resources is the first engineering research center for marine biological resource studies approved by the State Oceanic Administration. Its research fields cover the development and utilization of marine biological toxins, marine biological polysaccharides, marine lipid substances, marine biological proteins, and marine micro-molecular compounds. In 2012, it was awarded “Haixi Talent Highland” by the talent work leading team of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee. In 2016, it successfully applied for the NDRC’s “National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for the Efficient Utilization Technology of Marine Bioactive Substances”.

Ocean Biological Source

Antihyperptensive Peptides

Glucosamine Sulfate Capsule


With a commitment to improving the engineering and technological strengths and innovation capabilities of marine biological resources, it gives priority to the research and development of marine drugs, functional food, marine biological new materials, industrial enzymes from marine organisms, standard marine biological substances, and other products. A number of distinctive engineering research platforms and biological resource collection banks have been preliminarily built while a series of key and generic technologies have been developed. With a team of nearly 100 engineering researchers, it has successfully transformed many scientific achievements. The continuous capacity building, combined with the constant R&D and breakthroughs in related technologies, will effectively improve the development and utilization of China’s marine biological resources. This will provide strong technical support for the transformation of the development model of China’s marine economy and the sustainable development of the marine bio-resources utilization industry.

Signing an Strategic Cooperation Agreement

with Fujian Desheng Biology Co. ,Ltd.

Signing a Cooperation MOU on the Development of Marine Biological Resources with the Hellenic Center for Marine Research


Since its establishment, the center has applied for and been authorized 41 national patents for inventions as well as developing 31 reserved technologies and formulating two standards of the marine industry. More than 60 technical services have been provided for domestic and foreign enterprises and joint laboratories have been established together with six companies. It has been awarded one first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, one China Innovation Achievement Award of Industry-University-Research Collaboration, two second-place prizes of Marine Innovation Achievement Award, one second-place prize of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology Award, and one silver award of Cross-Strait Staff Innovation Achievement Expo.