Vessel Management Center


The TIO Vessel Management Center, founded in December 2012, is responsible for the organization, coordination and operation management of the design and construction of Xiang Yang Hong 03 marine comprehensive research vessel.

On March 26, 2016, Xiang Yang Hong 03 was delivered and included in China Marine Research Vessels (CMRV). The TIO Vessel Management Center organizes, coordinates and manages the ship design and building. It is responsible for the daily operation and management of ships, including the organization and management of crew members, the maintenance and management of ships and scientific research equipment. It is also in charge of ship command, dispatch and logistics support for marine scientific research mission.

Xiang Yang Hong 03 is a comprehensive marine research ship that is capable of accomplishing ocean navigation and scientific research operation. It is a 4,500-ton ship that enjoys an endurance of 15,000 nautical miles, a self-supporting capacity of 60 days and a capacity of 80 people. It is equipped with DP-1 dynamic positioning, global unlimited navigation area, and B3 ice strengthening.

Xiang Yang Hong 03 is equipped with diesel engine power and a 360-degree diesel full-revolving electric propeller. With two bow thrusters, it is easy to steer. The retraction and extension of the research equipment are faster and safer with the help of the advanced retraction and extension system, the electric driven winch and 170 electric flipped A-shaped frame. As a result, the operational efficiency of marine scientific research has been improved considerably. Being equipped with imported research equipment with leading technologies and cutting-edge domestic research equipment, the vessel is able to realize the offshore and ocean multidisciplinary and integrated cross operation for a long period of time. It is able to observe, detect and accomplish the fidelity sampling and field analysis of such comprehensive marine environments as high-precision and long-period dynamic environment, geological environment, ecological environment, and atmospheric environment.

Since it was delivered on March 26, 2016, and included in China Marine Research Vessels (CMRV), Xiang Yang Hong 03 has carried out 15 national major marine scientific research voyages for 898 days in total, covering 150,000 nautical miles (280,000 kilometers).

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