Information and Testing Assurance Center


The Information and Testing Assurance Center is a comprehensive and centralized management organization for information technology and intelligent integration, science and technology archives, books and periodicals, and analysis and testing services. It provides technical support for the information construction and the operation and maintenance of the information system in TIO. It also guarantees the management, analysis and testing of the scientific instrument sharing platform. It has sub-centers such as the Network Center, the Science and Technology Information Center (the Editorial Department of Journal of Applied Oceanography), and the Scientific Instrument Sharing Platform (the Analysis and Testing Center), etc.

Journal of Applied Oceanography is a comprehensive journal of oceanography published at home and abroad. It is sponsored by the TIO, the Chinese Society for Oceanography, the Fujian Society for Oceanography, co-organized by the Marine Ecological Committee of the Ecological Society of China, and supervised by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the People’s Republic of China. The journal aims to publish the latest research results from the various branches and disciplines of oceanography at home and abroad, promote the sustainable development, utilization, and protection of the ocean, and provide a platform of academic exchanges for researchers of basic oceanography and applied oceanography at home and abroad. It is a Chinese Core Journal, a Chinese Core Journal of Science and Technology, a collected periodical of the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), a journal featured in the Chinese Core Journal (selection) database, and the source journal of statistics for the Annual Report of Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors. It is also included in a dozen periodical databases of science and technology of China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United Nations, etc.

The Scientific Instrument Sharing Platform (Analysis and Testing Center) is a pilot department designated by the Ministry of Finance for promoting the sharing of scientific instruments, improving the utilization efficiency and the competence of offering professional services, so as to better serve and support scientific and technological innovation. According to the principle of “unified planning, classified management, and open sharing”, it has established an information system for the monitoring and management of heavy-duty instruments and equipment sharing, and formulated a management and operation system that stores all instruments in institutions of scientific instruments and shares them with the public.

Laboratory Building of the Scientific Instrument Sharing Platform

It has passed China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) and Quality Management System (QMS) GB/T 19001-2008/ISO9001:2008. It has already become a comprehensive analyzing and testing center characterized by the detection of stable isotope and nuclear radiation, the exploration of marine oil and gas geochemical, and the structural analysis and identification of environmental organic pollutants, organic compounds, the analysis of chemical elements and composition, and microscopic observation analysis. In the future, the main focus will be on the scientific analysis of minerals and materials and the testing of marine biological medicine, pesticide residues, and food safety. At present, it works with Thermo Fisher, Waters, Elementar, Labtech, and other world-famous analytical instrument companies to set up joint laboratories, develop new testing technologies and equipments, and train the staff. It will actively work with relevant testing centers at home and abroad to develop domestic standards and reference materials (RM).

The Management Information System of Shared Instruments is equipped with 144 sets of indoor instruments worth 140 million yuan, providing analysis and testing services for hundreds of scientific research institutions and universities at home and abroad and generating an annual income of more than 10 million yuan.