Science and Technology Information Center


The Science and Technology Information Center is the service office for the integration of information and intelligence, books and periodicals, and comprehensive archives (scientific and technological archives). It provides technical support for the information construction in TIO and the operation and maintenance of information systems at its level. It is responsible for the editing, publishing and distribution of Journal of Applied Oceanography, and provides services for the access and utilization of comprehensive archives (scientific and technological archives) and books and periodicals. The Network Information Office is affiliated with the Science and Technology Information Center, and undertakes the network security and information service guarantee work in TIO.

Journal of Applied Oceanography is a comprehensive journal of oceanography published at home and abroad. It is sponsored by the TIO, the Chinese Society for Oceanography, the Fujian Society for Oceanography, co-organized by the Marine Ecological Committee of the Ecological Society of China, and supervised by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the People’s Republic of China. The journal aims to publish the latest research results from the various branches and disciplines of oceanography at home and abroad, promote the sustainable development, utilization, and protection of the ocean, and provide a platform of academic exchanges for researchers of basic oceanography and applied oceanography at home and abroad.